Art in the Parks

Take a walk through Addison’s trails and public parks and you will see the art and landscape projects sponsored by the Addison Arbor Foundation (AAF). With additional donations we can accelerate the pace of new art and landscape enhancements to beautify our town.

Follow the trails to see the art (AAF projects marked on the Public Art Map with a leaf):

Addison Public Art Map


Light and Energy

Artist: Chris Byars

Location: NE Corner of Marsh and Beltway

These iconic pieces were originally installed in an office complex in Addison. When the sculptures were decommissioned, the Town of Addison stored them for many years. AAF coordinated with the Town to restore the art work to its original colors and condition, move and install them, and to provide landscaping and lighting. The installation was completed in 2013. This effort was very complex due to the large size (24 feet high) and weight (1750 pounds each) of the pieces.


Cut One, Plant One

Artist: Nic Noblique

Location: Proton Drive at the Easement Trail

This piece was purchased from the artist and installed in 2013. This artwork reflects the Town’s and AAF’s commitment to sustainability.

  Loop the Loop

Artist: Kati Casida

Location: Redding Trail (along the walking path behind the Addison Athletic Center)

Loop the Loop and Folded Square Alphabet Letter D were decommissioned by an office complex in Addison. Significant restoration was required. AAF coordinated the restoration, installation, landscaping and lighting. The installations were completed in 2012.

 Click on the video to learn more about the sculpture.


Folded Square Alphabet Letter D

Artist: Fletcher Benton

Location: Redding Trail

Along with Loop the Loop, this piece was recovered and restored by AAF in 2012 after being decommissioned by an office complex. This artwork is part of the artist’s well-known “Folded Square” alphabet sculpture series.    The installation was completed in 2012.


Jacks of All Trades

Artist: Jim Eppler

Location: Les Lacs Park (across from the Addison Athletic Club on Beltway Drive)

These realistic jack rabbit sculptures were commissioned by AAF and installed in a natural rock setting in 2014, in recognition of the original Addison jackrabbits that lived at that location.  


A Profound Secret

Artist: Nic Noblique

Location: Northwest Corner of Arapaho and Addison Roads

This artwork was commissioned by AAF. “A Profound Secret” uses corten steel and pieces from the original cotton gin facility in Addison. The cotton gin, which was built in 1902, was located about 150 yards south of the installation.  The title of the piece comes from a passage in a letter to his father written by Eli Whitney, developer of the cotton gin,  asking him to keep “a profound secret” until a patent was secured for the design.    Installed in 2015.


CottonginpictureOriginal Addison Cotton Gin

Red Sculpture

Artist: Unknown

Location: Parkview Park off of Spectrum Drive

This large red outdoor sculpture weighs over 3,000 pounds and is 23 feet tall. This piece was donated to AAF and moved to its new location in the park by the Parkview Place Townhomes.  The piece was previously located at 15301 Spectrum Drive since the 1980s.  The artist is currently unknown. Installed in July 2015.

Shot with DXO ONE Camera


The move required a very large crane since the piece was located between two large office buildings and a parking garage structure.  For photos of the art piece being relocated to Parkview Park, please visit the Addison flickr Parkview Park Album.

Peace and Tranquility

Artist: Jim Eppler

Location: Oaks North

AAF commissioned this realistic sculpture of a pair of mourning doves which are indigenous to Texas.  The funding for this sculpture and installation was largely provided by the family and friends of Roger S. Mellow.  Installed in 2016.



 Lost in Wisconsin

Artist: Nic Noblique

Location: Corner of Proton and Beltway near the Addison Athletic Club

This beautiful blue sculpture was donated by the renowned artist and refinished by AAF.  “I am from Wisconsin, but Texas in now my home. I am glad that Lost in Wisconsin was finally found in Addison, Texas,” said Mr. Noblique.   Installed in 2016.

nic sculpture-34

Intersection in Flight

Artist: Eric McGehearty

Location: Corner of Wiley Post Road and Wright Brothers Drive


“Intersection in Flight” was inspired by the history of the namesakes of the intersection and their vintage aircraft.  Eric’s design incorporates elements of the airplanes flown by the Wright Brothers and Wiley Post in an innovative and intricate sculpture. The frame of the sculpture is based on the Wright Brothers’ Flyer aircraft. Embedded within the frame are 232 miniature planes based on the Lockheed Vega aircraft flown by Wiley Post.



George Herbert Walker Bush Elementary School

The Addison Arbor Foundation launched a “Leaf Your Mark” fund‐raising effort to help plant trees at the Town of Addison’s first Dallas Independent School District (DISD) school, the George Herbert Walker Bush Elementary School on Spring Valley Road. The school, named after the 41st president of the United States, opened on August 22, 2011. The school is linked to a large green area and walking trail that extends both north and south of the school, and to Addison’s trail network.  The Town supervised the installation of the plant materials and maintains the area like a park. The Addison Arbor Foundation, which initially donated $8,100, joined with the Town to raise an additional $28,000 in donations for the trees.


SuperGro 45

We joined the Super Bowl XLV festivities by planting 45 Vitex trees along the Les Lacs Linear Park trails.  The Addison Arbor Foundation and Town of Addison staff designed the SuperGro planting bed located across from the Addison Athletic Club to complement the SuperGro Rock awarded to the Town of Addison for its participation in the Super Bowl 45 activities.  Thanks to Samit Patel for his work on this design and to the employees of Raising Cane’s restaurant who volunteered to prep and plant the bedding materials and trim the Vitex trees.

Trees Around Town

The Addison Arbor Foundation has replaced and planted trees throughout the Town.